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Dear Frankenstein

This is a letter from the grave
From a patient you couldn't save
Your deviation has deviated
I don't want to be what you've created

Dear Frankenstein
Give me back my heart
Give me back my eyes
And mind

It's like it never ever ends
I live this life over and over again
Pieced together with wire and thread
And all the sadness of the living dead

Dear Frankenstein
Give me back the peace
Give me nothingness
Give me the end

You're like a selfish little man
Who could never understand
The bits of broken hearts
Whose sum is greater than their parts
So if I am your child
You have been living in denial
Don't let me take another breath

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Discography: Learning More & More... - Creighton Doane
Creighton Doane
Dear Frankenstein (Album version)