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Give It Up

I think of all the things I want
I really want to say to you
Just seconds after you have walked
Away from me what can I do

There's never been another girl
Who can make me act so strange
Feel like I'm tripping and falling
Feel like I'm fumbling for change

Oh I'm so clever I'm so smart
But when I get around you I fall apart

I spiral down the staircase
I hit the floor with my face
Landing upside down and broken up
I'm skating and slipping my lifeboat is tipping
I just don't seem to know when you give it up
I just don't know when to give it up

I try to call you up at home
But you're never off the phone
And when I finally get thru
I can't say anything to you

I don't recall another time
When I ever felt so queer
& it's boggling my mind
I'm such a freak when you are near

I would try anything that might help you to understand
But I just look like an idiot who would hold up
& hold you back and drag you down, again and again

Send me a certificate that says I'm an idiot
I'll frame it and hang it on the wall in my room
I think it's time to call it quits
My mouth is dry I've got the shits
If this is what it's like to be in love then I am doomed

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Discography: Learning More & More... - Creighton Doane
Creighton Doane
Give It Up (Album version)