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Everything looks darkest just before the dawn
I was the living dead cut to shreds
Like clipping on the lawn
& it's hard to believe you get exactly what you need
Cause I never got what I always thought
Were the answers to my pleas
But now I know if you let it go it will throw you to your knees

So unexplained
And serendipity has it's way with me
Thrust into a state of levity
Oh I'm amazed by a seminal series of catastrophes
That some how turn out to be good for me

All the self-help conclusions left me feeling incomplete
I couldn't leave the sinking ship, the baggage was too deep
Then confusion dancing naked became my psychic friend
So I had asked if I'd make it back
She said try and try again and I had to laugh
At the stupid ass praying for the end

Why do I have to say to you know what you're going thru
You got away with it again, you could be just like me
Ooh no interrupt the flow
You start it all over again searching for the big amen
Brush up on your motocycle Zen
Misunderstanding chez Helen

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Discography: Learning More & More... - Creighton Doane
Creighton Doane
Unexplained (Album version)