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True Love Story

He's like a pornstar in a pop song
With a melody everybody can sing along

She wants a rockstar in her right hand
So she can give a wave to all the rock fans

They need each other like Richie needs Jovi
They need each other like Jon and Ponch

This is a true love story about a boy and a girl
They took a love boat cruise around the world
And the people stopped to stare
At his big banana and her lovely pear
What a lovely pair

He's like a party without a guest list,
She's just a Barbie with a big ol' plastic chest
They live in Malibu they drive a corvette,
He wants a threesome but they haven't had one yet

They love each other like Joni loves Chachi
They love each other like Sonny and Cher

You may not remember when you arrived in ga ga land
But if you want to leave just snatch the pabble from my hand

They love each other like Steve loved Jamie
They need each other like Aliens & Sasquatch

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Discography: Learning More & More... - Creighton Doane
Creighton Doane
True Love Story (Album version)