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You Turn Around You Blink An Eye
You Look Away
And You Feel As Though
You're Headed For The Drain
You're At Eight Lives You've Severed Ties
With THe Human Race
Nothing Will Change
Nothing Has Changed

Then One Day
Your Whole World Was Sorrow
Cuz The Karma Bank
Was Underpaid
We're All Flies In God's Eyes
Crawling At Heaven's Door
Lyin' In
The Worst Of It

Coming Undone
Thinking I Could Keep It Tied
When Everything's Coming
Ya Give An Inch
They Take A Mile
Every Wrong Is Alright

Don't Run And Hide Or Compromise Another Day
Do Anything To Null And Void The Pain
Of Killing Time End The Ride
Call It A Day
Nothing Has Changed
Nothing Will Change

Prepare To Open Wide
Eat All Your Words And Lies
We've Become Slaves To It All

Harry Hess - Lead and BG Vocals/Bass/KB/Add. Guitars/Perc.
Pete Lesperance - Acoustic Guitars
Mike Borkosky - Heavy Guitars/Solo
Gavin Brown - Drums

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Discography: Hess - Just Another Day - Promo album
Promo album
Undone (Album version)
Discography: Just Another Day - Hess
Undone (Album version)