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Wasted Away

As You Walk
Through The Years
You Stumble Upon Things
You Haven't Done

Many Thrown To The Sea
But One Love Still Makes
Me Regret It All

Yesterday I'm In The Middle
Of Overthrowing Worlds
Today I Can't Fight Through
The Tears

Cuz I Wasted Away
All My Chances To Say
That I Never Will Get Over You
I Wasted Away
All My Chances With Fate
Now I
Never Will Get Over
Losing You

Like A Rose
In The Field
In Autumn Chances Always
Fall About
And The Worst Of Your Fears
They All Come Back
And Bring Another Thorn

Are You Near
Are We Just Worlds Apart
When The Smoke Disappears
And We're Back To The Start
These Wasted Years Become Ours

Harry Hess - Lead and BG Vocals/Bass/KB/Add. Guitars/Perc.
Pete Lesperance - Acoustic Guitars
Mike Borkosky - Guitars
Mike Turner - Guitars
Creighton Doane - Drums

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Discography: Hess - Just Another Day - Promo album
Promo album
Wasted Away (Album version)
Discography: Just Another Day - Hess
Wasted Away (Album version)

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