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Down In It

Till all is said and done you never know
I never thought that I would be
The first to go
But lonely words can't make me stay
And no the time won't change us
Cause we've already changed

And I'm so far down in it
That I can't see the light
And I'm finding it a little hard to breath
When these walls are closing in
And I don't think I'm here I want to be

Now I don't want you taking all the blame
You always thought That I would change
And I thought you would stay the same
We know it can't go on this way
I'll go tomorrow
And when tomorrow is today

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Discography: Down In It - Pete Lesperance
Pete Lesperance
Down In It (Album version)
Discography: Down In It - Fair Ground
Fair Ground
Down In It (Album version)