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(Lesperance / Dalziel)

What is and what should be
That sings like a scene from a movie
But it's all going down
Waitin on a new day
Cause a promise may be
Coming around

I'm counting the hours till I see you again
And no one's gonna know where we've been

I'm falling from grace
Right into your arms
How did you know when to be there
With all our mistakes
We bury the scars
But we know where they are

What is and what should be
You said you were going to save me
And where are you now
So why would I make you stay
I wouldn't want it that way
But it's all going down

For every beginning
That comes to an end
Another one is starting again

You never asked me for a reason
Though I know you wondered why
You kept on believing
Believing you and I
Where meant to be together

And maybe you were right

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Discography: Down In It - Pete Lesperance
Pete Lesperance
Scars (Album version)