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There is no beauty like your beauty
there's no scent
like the smell of your clothes
there is no comparing
and there never will be
there is no loss like the loss I know

All we are is tragic
after year of love and scorn
after weathering the storm
all we are is tragic
as we go our seperate ways
and fight off these lonely days
all we are is tragic

There's no kiss like the first kiss
there's no kiss like the last
now only tears meet my lips
these are the thoughts
that won't pass

It makes me sick and sad
when I think of your sympathetic touch
when I fell good I get mad at myself
I know you want to see me
but the pain would prove too much
while there's no one to blame
we both feel the same
tragedy has struck

There's no beginning
like a new beginning
thre is no end in sight now
it's wonderful to feel
without feeling guilty
I wonder if I'll ever know how

Kurt Schefter: Electric guitar
Daniel LeBlanc: Stringy thing

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Discography: Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear - Creighton Doane
Creighton Doane
Tragic (Album version)