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Waste Away

I'm not sorry
I'm not angry
I don't hate you
nor am I desperately unhappy

In tiny ways I'm feeling strong
I feel the earth beneath me
even when the universe is all wrong

I won't waste away
feed my sould, I'm hungry
I won't waste away
I'm going to live

I'll be rich
or I'll die poor
if there's a difference
I don't care anymore
Is everyone afraid to laugh
well I can't help myself
In spite of everything I do not have

The weight of all this waiting
the wasted and denied
I picture it quite differently
I'd like to think the dead are dying

Kevin Fox: Cello
Damhnait Doyle: Backing vocals

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Discography: Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear - Creighton Doane
Creighton Doane
Waste Away (Album version)