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True To You

I want to be true to you
It's not so hard to do
I'm so in love completely
we fit together neatly
and I'll feel this way
a hundred years from now

I want to be true to you
true to you

I want to be strong for you
just like you always do
you stroke me and support me
you stand by me unconditionally
I could be for you
the way you are for me

What would I do
if not for you
every part of me
would surely come unglued
I wouldn't take another breath
I'd suffocate before
I'd live without you
without you

I want to be owned by you
not borrowed or loaned to you
clearly without a question
not a breakable connection
not a lonely day if I belong to you

I want to be true to you

Kevin Fox: Cello

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Discography: Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear - Creighton Doane
Creighton Doane
True To You (Album version)