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Do Yourself A Favour

We could be friends for a little while
but don't get too attached
you'll just get pulled apart
that's just the way it will be with me

It's in your face
your find so fascinating
you could site and talk and
drink with me all night long
colliding bodies
and your favourite song

Do yourself a favour
and just go home

my more than jaded judgement
I'd use you up faster
than forgetting your name
you're all the same
you want
the unreal thing baby yeah
Run, run away
don't look back don't give in
I won't make you stay
so please don't make me
spill and spin
you make me spin
spill and spin

Ray Coburn: Organ
Daniel LeBlanc: Loud claps
Melanie Doane: Backing vocals

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Discography: Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear - Creighton Doane
Creighton Doane
Do Yourself A Favour (Album version)