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Distant Memory
(Hess / Lesperance / Ribler)

As I walk into the dawn of another day
As I turn to face the light, shadows run away
After everything we've shared, how can we both turn and walk away
Through every single day, I want you to know, yeah I want you to know
That our love could be more than a distant memory
It's not enough to be only a distant memory

All these changes in my life, it's hard to handle it
Without a trace of where you've been, I can't get over it
I find it strange to say, time was on our side only yesterday
We've got to find a way, baby what went wrong, are we too far gone


Living without you is getting the best of me
Days come and nights go, I don't want to live with the memory


Don't be a distant memory
As I walk into the dark of another day...

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