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You're The One  (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)

Do you want to talk to me
Is there something on your mind
Would you like to stay with me
It wouldn't hurt if we spent some time

Is this love
I can't find the reason
Why you wanted to love me
There's a space inside my heart
Where the both of us should be

You're the one
I would wait for
The kind of girl I've been dreaming of
But I just can't take this loneliness no more

Something's coming over me
I could feel it all the time
One thing that still remains
Is that I want you all the time

When I look into your eyes
I can't be sure if it's you
Is it you

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You're The One (Demo)
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You're The One (Demo)
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You're The One (Demo)
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You're The One (Demo)