New album | Human Nature

EU/CAN version

Vespa Music Group
CD 82998209672

Release Date:
January 12, 2007

Total Running Time: 44:57

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The album release date is officially set for January 12, 2007 and it will be available on-line at:

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Human Nature | Reviews

  • RevelationZ: "Human Nature won't make hardcore fans forget Mood Swings, but come the end of 2006, it'll be seen as one of the year's better releases." Rating: 8/10
  • 92/100
  • "Harry Hess and Co has recorded one helluva new album that isn't far away from the Mood Swings quality!" 5,5/6
  • "Harem Scarem releases another true masterpiece, one that should put them on the worldwide map."
  • "Sounds like Great Eighties Hardrock! I love it..."
  • "Incontestablement coup de coeur, messieurs bravo!" 17/20
  • Strutter Magazine: "Although the last couple of HAREM SCAREM albums were good, this new CD Human Nature beats any of their albums since Mood Swings from 1993!" 8.9/10
  • 80/100
  • "THANK and Hail to the gods of AOR/Melodic Rock that Human Nature is back in the old HS groove! WELCOME BACK HARRY AND CO!!!"
  • 90/100
  • "Yes, this time they have really gotten closer to the sound of Mood Swings, yes you can take my word for it!"
  • 90/100
  • "I'm glad to say that Human Nature is surely going to make an appearance in my Top 5 this year!" 9/10
  • Rock Hard Germany: "Again the Melodic-Rockers from Canada deliver shining and brilliant hooklines on Human Nature. HAREM SCAREM simply know how to rock!"
  • "Powerful refrains and a Mörderballade wie 'Hanging On' sind immer noch ein Kaufgrund neben anderem gutklassigen Material!"
  • 4/5
  • "HAREM SCAREM haben wieder mal genau das gemacht, was sie am besten können und zwar flüssigen, schlüssigen, schmissigen Melodic Hardrock fabrizieren!" 11/13
  • 9/10
  • Top Album, 5/5
  • "In fact this is probably the band's best album since 2002's Weight of the World!"
  • 83/100
  • Metal Zone: "This cd is again a brilliant release of Harem Scarem!"
  • "As you will have guessed by now this comes highly recommended and if you are fan of melodic rock it is pretty much an essential purchase!" 9,5/10
  • 9,1/10
  • Blast Magazine: "Human Nature will be a must have for all Harem Scarem fans!"
  • "Great musicians and a genious of a singer bring in the first highlight of 2007. That's a big shot!"
  • "Human Nature will fully satisfy every rockfan, which means that this release is 45 minutes full of high class melodic rock for every rockfan's cd shelf. But it won't stand there for long, because you will keep it spinning in your player on and on and...!"
  • "As Overload could convince me last year, the eleventh album of the Canadians is again full of refreshing hardrock in the purest sense!"
  • " The band will definitely convince their old-school-fans to buy this record full of catchy melodies and maybe some more too!" 7,5/10
  • FFM-Rock: "A really groovy melodic hardrock album that deserves the rating 'only Killer, no filler!'"
  • "This is definitely an album tailor made for all the Harem Scarem fans and all the people that love classy A.O.R. and melodic rock played with attitude!"
  • "if you are looking for a really sophisticated piece of music - here you are!"
  • "Human Nature is a very ambitious hard rock album, that captivates with brilliant songs and a fine production!" 8/10
  • Walls Of Fire: "Human Nature is the long awaited masterpiece and so Harem Scarem proof once again that they are one of the most important rock-bands on earth. Buy it!!!" 5/5
  • Home Of Rock: "A must-have for all the fans but also recommendable for newcomers!"
  • 78/100
  • "Human Nature is a real treat!" 8,5/10
  • Melodic Hard Rock & AOR: "At The End Human Nature seems to been a perfect follow up for Harem Scarem and will send the group a step forward!"
  • "With Human Nature the four Canadians try to get back to their roots - and it works!"
  • Human Nature is fighting for the title Harem Scarem's best album ever, and that is under a period of very much work for Lesperence and Hess, with, among others, Canadian Idol... Extremely strong to cope focusing on their own work in such a brilliant way like Human Nature is!"
  • 7,5/10
  • "numerous bands would kill their grandmother, if they were in return able to write such catchy tunes like HAREM SCAREM do!"
  • "with Human Nature Harem Scarem impressively get back to the melodic rock stage!"
  • Musix: "wonderful melodies, perfect harmonies, superb choirs and choruses!! The exceptional quality Harem Scarem fans are used to!"
  • Eclipsed Magazine: "With this album the Canadians underpin their cult status!"
  • "Harem Scarem deliver 12 flawless melodic rock hits on Human Nature!"
  • "Once again Harem Scarem proof that they belong to the most constant melodic acts around. Human Nature shows that impressively and should be in every cd collection!" 8.6/10
  • "intuitive melodies, fat choirs and a guitar work that really rocks – Human Nature must be a pleasure for every AOR-fan!"
  • "Human Nature however, is undoubtedly a strong release!" 3/5
  • "Human Nature makes the fan base looking out for another killer release. Everything you wanted lurks in here!" 3,5/5
  • "I am totally convinced by Harem Scarems work on their new album!"
  • "If you want to listen to good melodic rock, then HAREM SCAREM is the right choice!" 3,5/5
  • "Another masterpiece! You have to listen to it!"
  • "Absolutely brilliant in every way, Harem Scarem have done it again and long may they do so!" 95/100
  • 88/100
  • "perfect songs with strong guitars and elaborated hook-lines!"
  • "a high-class and very contemporary album made to proof the well-deserved status of Harem Scarem!"
  • "Harem Scarem anno 2007: Buying order! Error impossible!"
  • "the new album captivates with perfect guitar work, wonderful melodies Harry Hess in top condition!"
  • "Human Nature is a fantastic place to start if you are just beginning your journey with the band, but lovers of great melodic rock should also seek out the band's self-titled debut, Mood Swings and Higher. I promise you won't be disappointed!"
  • "anthemic melodic rock, powerful guitar motifs and inviting hooks"
  • "Human Nature is just another incredible release from Canada's best!"
  • "HAREM SCAREM seems to just be getting better with age!" 9/10
  • 7/10
  • 79/100
  • 8/10
  • "Once again Harem Scarem proof that they are one of the most constant melodic acts around!" 8,6/10
  • 18/20
  • 9/10

Human Nature | Statements/Features

  • "Big John" John Patrick/Radio Caroline: "I do admire their attitude of going in their own direction and doing what they believe in."
  • Hannes Lehnhard/ "Harem Scarem is full force. The new album is one of their best ever!"
  • Rock Hard Germany: soundcheck: January, rank #3!
  • Rock it! Soundcheck: January/February, rank #4!
  • best of 10 albums 2006!
    Best songs 2006:
    Harem Scarem - Human Nature
    Harem Scarem - Tomorrow May Be Gone
    Harem Scarem - Reality
    Harem Scarem - Hanging On
    Harem Scarem - Don't Throw It Away
    Harem Scarem - Caught Up In Your World

Human Nature | Interviews

  • Pierre Genty/Heavy Generations
  • Riccardo Arena/Rock Hard Italy
  • Giovanni Barbo/
  • Malcom Dome/Total Rock
  • Eric Thompson/Sweden Rock Magazine
  • Holger Schweitzer-Schütte/MSTOS
  • Mick Burgess/Metal Express Radio
  • Harry Stouraikis/
  • Hannes Lehnhardt/
  • Oliver Hellbach/Metal Inside
  • Martin Buchenberger/Musix
  • Alison B./Bubblegum Slut Zine
  • Tonnie Westerbeke/
  • Tom A Olsen/Radio Sarpsborg
  • Kostas Kounadinis/
  • Angelo Mora/Metal Hammer Italy
  • Jerome Allemand/Rockwebstation
  • Javier Perez/Rock Fever 95,2 FM
  • Steen Jepsen/
  • Cedric Liegois/
  • Steve/Hardline
  • Andre Methorst/Aardshok
  • Mark Koenraadt/Mainstream Rock radio
  • Gisela Schmitz/HM Breakdown
  • Mauro gelsomini/
  • Massimo Agliardi/
  • Yann Guinamand/
  • Noel van Drische/Radio Dangerzone
  • Jan Jaedeke/Rock Hard
  • Jon Atle Tygesen/radio Grimstad