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Discography / Learning More & More...
  1. True Love Story
  2. Unexplained
  3. Give It Up
  4. Dummy
  5. Overacheiver
  6. Ugly Bug
  7. C U Next Tuesday
  8. Dear Frankenstein
  9. Expiry Date
  10. Losers
Bullseye Records Of Canada

Release Date: October 27, 2004

Total Running Time: 36:45

Comment: Creighton's second solo album released through Bullseye Records of Canada.

Learning More & More... | Album Credits

  • Ray Coburn: Piano
  • Brad Baker: Bass
  • Drew Birston: Bass
  • Peter Lesperance: Bass/electric guitars
  • Mike Borkosky: Bass/electric guitars
  • Kurt Schefter: electric guitar
  • Harry Hess: Backing vocals
  • Kathryn Rose: Backing vocals
  • Melanie Doane: Backing vocals
  • Creighton Doane: Vocals, drums, bass, guitars & keyboards
  • Recorded and mixed at Phantom Studios
  • Drums recorded at Vespa studios by Harold Hess
  • Additional recording at Pete's, Mel and Ted's and Kurt's
  • Produced by Creighton Doane for doaneleblanc.com
  • Mixed by Kyle Gudmundson & Creighton Doane
  • Mastered at Stonehouse Sounds by John D.S. Adams
  • Executive Producers Jaimie Vernon & Jim Hoeck
  • All songs written and arranged by Creighton Doane

Learning More & More... | Lyrics

True Love Story

He's like a pornstar in a pop song
With a melody everybody can sing along

She wants a rockstar in her right hand
So she can give a wave to all the rock fans

They need each other like Richie needs Jovi
They need each other like Jon and Ponch

This is a true love story about a boy and a girl
They took a love boat cruise around the world
And the people stopped to stare
At his big banana and her lovely pear
What a lovely pair

He's like a party without a guest list,
She's just a Barbie with a big ol' plastic chest
They live in Malibu they drive a corvette,
He wants a threesome but they haven't had one yet

They love each other like Joni loves Chachi
They love each other like Sonny and Cher

You may not remember when you arrived in ga ga land
But if you want to leave just snatch the pabble from my hand

They love each other like Steve loved Jamie
They need each other like Aliens & Sasquatch

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Everything looks darkest just before the dawn
I was the living dead cut to shreds
Like clipping on the lawn
& it's hard to believe you get exactly what you need
Cause I never got what I always thought
Were the answers to my pleas
But now I know if you let it go it will throw you to your knees

So unexplained
And serendipity has it's way with me
Thrust into a state of levity
Oh I'm amazed by a seminal series of catastrophes
That some how turn out to be good for me

All the self-help conclusions left me feeling incomplete
I couldn't leave the sinking ship, the baggage was too deep
Then confusion dancing naked became my psychic friend
So I had asked if I'd make it back
She said try and try again and I had to laugh
At the stupid ass praying for the end

Why do I have to say to you know what you're going thru
You got away with it again, you could be just like me
Ooh no interrupt the flow
You start it all over again searching for the big amen
Brush up on your motocycle Zen
Misunderstanding chez Helen

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Give It Up

I think of all the things I want
I really want to say to you
Just seconds after you have walked
Away from me what can I do

There's never been another girl
Who can make me act so strange
Feel like I'm tripping and falling
Feel like I'm fumbling for change

Oh I'm so clever I'm so smart
But when I get around you I fall apart

I spiral down the staircase
I hit the floor with my face
Landing upside down and broken up
I'm skating and slipping my lifeboat is tipping
I just don't seem to know when you give it up
I just don't know when to give it up

I try to call you up at home
But you're never off the phone
And when I finally get thru
I can't say anything to you

I don't recall another time
When I ever felt so queer
& it's boggling my mind
I'm such a freak when you are near

I would try anything that might help you to understand
But I just look like an idiot who would hold up
& hold you back and drag you down, again and again

Send me a certificate that says I'm an idiot
I'll frame it and hang it on the wall in my room
I think it's time to call it quits
My mouth is dry I've got the shits
If this is what it's like to be in love then I am doomed

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Get up late and laz around
Put off stuff, and think too much again
Wonder why you'd want to be with me
Make list of a hundred things I hate about myself

I want to
Run away run away
Run away run away

I don't know who I would be without you
This is hard for me but I do love you
And with my apology for the things I do
I am hoping you will stay with me

Yeah eah I'm a dumby dumb dumb
Dumby dumby dumb dumb
Dumby dumby dumb dumb
Yeah eah I'm a dumby dumb dumb
Dumby dumby dumb dumb
Dumby dumby dumb dumb

Don't act like I got it good
I worry all the time, I'm so stupid
Try to think about someone else sometime
Make deal with myself and watch it turn into a joke

I want to
Run away run away
Run away run away

When I'm away
I don't fair so well
When I'm away
I'm in hell
When I'm away from my girl

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If she thinks she can do better she probably can
If she thinks you have the answer
She'll start to question her man
If you make her think she's dreaming
You will be her dreams come true
Hey overachiever
I can't compete with you

Hey overacheiver you don't really want her like I do
Hey overachiever you're gonna love her and leave her
Leave her alone, she never hurt you

You're the kind of guy who gets your own way all the time
And no one ever stopped you when you step across line
I'm a lover not a fighter, but the exception would be
When you start playing with her head
Overacheiver you're playing with me

I'm the cake, the cake that you consume
You're putting on the weight
While I disappear in front of you
And she is the craving, thirst you can't resist
You won't be satisfied until you are completely pissed

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Ugly Bug

Are you just an ugly bug
Maybe you're a butterfly
Spread your wings and fly away
Never give a reason why

Landing in a better place
Looking for the better things
Are you a little butterfly
Or an ugly bug with wings?

You can make circless in the sky
You can forget what you are if you try

I will be waiting for you when you come back down
I will be waiting for you on the solid ground
I will be waiting for, I will be waiting for you

Are you some kind of stupid jerk
Or do you have a genius mind
Maybe you'll do something great
Maybe you'll just wait in line

Soon everyone will know your name
Cause you can dance and you can sing
Are you a little butterfly
Or an ugly bug with wings?

I am the one who waits for the other shoe to fall
I am the one who makes no difference at all
Hoping you will fall
Just waiting for the fall

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C U Next Tuesday

You talk about the pain you're suffering
You talk about the shit you've been thru
You never have anything to offer me
It's really hard to be around you

I try and I try and I try to see
But you bring the worst out in me

Hey you C U Next Tuesday
It's time for me and you to go our separate ways
Hey you C U Next Tuesday
C U Next Tuesday

Every hardship can be silver lined
I used to think that was true
But I have wasted too much time
Looking for the good in you

I try and I try and I try to see
But you bring the worst out in me

I won't last another day (with you)
So now's the time for me to say (good bye, good luck)
I'll take responsibility
Cause being with you is killing me

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Dear Frankenstein

This is a letter from the grave
From a patient you couldn't save
Your deviation has deviated
I don't want to be what you've created

Dear Frankenstein
Give me back my heart
Give me back my eyes
And mind

It's like it never ever ends
I live this life over and over again
Pieced together with wire and thread
And all the sadness of the living dead

Dear Frankenstein
Give me back the peace
Give me nothingness
Give me the end

You're like a selfish little man
Who could never understand
The bits of broken hearts
Whose sum is greater than their parts
So if I am your child
You have been living in denial
Don't let me take another breath

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Expiry Date

I don't go sour
Or make you sick
When it's the real thing you can't eat it up so quick
Let it season
Let it age
You can't expect to rock before you get to the stage

& you know what you're doing
Because you've done if before

Day, Month, Year
You know exactly when to make your escape
I can't do anything so I just wait
Cause your love comes with an expiry date

You get so phobic
You get so cold
You're looking at me like I've got you in toe hold
It's time to pack up another bag
Move it out before this thing becomes a big drag

Day, Month, Year
You know exactly when to make your escape
I can't do anything so I just wait
Cause your love comes with an expiry date

You and I were never meant to be
You knew the time and place
When you'd be leaving me

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What are you trying to do?
No one cares if they make an example of you
You said you'd never give in
You are such a fool

You feel an awful guilt
When you're tempted to give the game a tilt
You wish you had made a better deal
Cause it's easier to steal

Don't let the losers get you down
You can turn it all around
Don't let the losers waste your life
Don't let what's wrong become all right
Don't let the losers get you down

Who are you trying to be
Did you think that you'd be going free
Oh you are so naive
Have you really got nothing up your sleeve

Is there a reason why
The good ones always seem to die
It makes me feel afraid
When the band strikes up for the big parade

Don't let the losers suck you in
You wouldn't know where to begin
Don't let the losers change you're mind
You can be one of a kind
Don't let the losers get you down

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