Discography | Focus Pocus

Discography / Focus Pocus
  1. Opening (Instrumental)
  2. Turn Around (Live)
  3. Hard To Love (Live)
  4. Believe (Live)
  5. Climb The Gate (Live)
  6. Without You (Live)
  7. Sometimes I Wish (Live)
  8. If There Was A Time (Live)
  9. Blue (Live)
  10. In My State Of Mind (Live/Acoustic)
  11. Rain (Live)
  12. Honestly (Live)
Live recording
Unofficial live bootleg

Release Date: 1998


  1. Sentimental BLVD. (Live)
  2. Stranger Than Love (Live)
  3. Change Comes Around (Live)
  4. Lying (Live)
  5. What I Do (Live)
  6. No Justice (Live)
  7. So Blind (Live)


Comment: Live at Bottom Line, Nagoya - September 28, 1998. Unofficial live bootleg.

Focus Pocus | Lyrics

Turn Around  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

I should apologize
For my new compromise
A temporary disease

Another dumb mistake
To think that you would change
Now I'm admitting defeat

Well I knew what this would mean
But still I let myself get back into it
It's time to turn around

If your not careful
She'll rip your heart out
And shove it in your mouth

Now I took all the blame
Off my little brain
And said 'the devil made me'
Put the turpentine
In her carafe of wine
And I got a reprieve

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Hard To Love  (Live)
(Ward / Hess / Lesperance)

You come on like a sweet child here drive me wild when I want you
You giving me a rough time then you change your mind then you want me
You come so close, but you never stay
You take my heart, and then you walk away

You're hard to love, but it's hard to let you go
I need you now, but I'm afraid of letting you know
It's hard to love, and never understand
How it slips right through your hands

I wanna say you're mine but acting like you don't know me
All I need is one night just to make it right when you're lonely
I got to know if we can make it last

Can't pretend I don't want you to know
Every touch leaves your mark on me
Little things seem to haunt me now
I can't believe you've become a part of me

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Believe  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

When all love is gone and destiny's wronged
The premise of all our lives
You can't find your way
Out of this foreign abyss
To change the tides
Drowning in heartache
What feels like forever

When judgement will come
To temples I'll run for solace beyond our eyes
Now God thread the bait
Shackled and harnessed in faith
The stains have dried
Desperate and blindly
We trudge on forever
But I won't let you
You have to believe
The soul and the will live on
When all is gone
Your faith pulls you through
Don't wait for the moment
When time leaves no chances
Don't hold on to find out
Your tomorrows were sold out to
Save me from harm

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Climb The Gate  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Born so we could lay
In a burning bed of rusted nails
Now it's my cause to stay awake

Will human kind prevail
Over prophecies of godless rages
For a world that's gone astray

Save preaching better times
They're bitter lies
Hey I could always climb the gate

It's heaven I hold this time

The comet's on the way
On holy ground we'll walk with angels
I just hope it's not today

I find it hard to pray
With one foot in my mouth
And one in the grave
Well so much for staying sane

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Without You  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Climbed these walls
For hours that feel like days
From highs I fall
To watching the pain drying
The walls that I walked through
And the truth bent
To get to you
'Cause I need you
Where do I belong
Won't get through all my bleak moods
Without you
My resolve
Is a tower that fails to break
Life's a bomb
That can blow you eight ways from Sunday
Blue surrounds me
Blue all around me
Only you can change the tides
Hoping you can decide our fate

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Sometimes I Wish  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Like Jesus nailed to the cross
We're all hanging prey
To the demons that we face
'Til our dying day

Now how long can I suffer defeat
Like a dog that's been tied up and chained
In a world that needs someone to hate

Sometimes I wish I wasn't born
Sometimes I wish I were everything
That I thought I could be in my demented dreams
Sometimes I wish I wasn't born
Sometimes I wish I were everything
The perfect holy poster boy for vanity

How dignified we first fall into this maze
And it dulls the mind thinking of ways that I will sustain

They devour your piece of the dream
Like a cancer that's eating away
While the vultures fly in for the feast

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If There Was A Time  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

I try to talk to the clouds
But they spill out the rain
Now I'm truly convinced
They've got nothing to say

Will I ever learn
Is there something wrong with my brain
Now the weeds are on fire
And they’re burning away

Last time I checked I'm at 34 sins
Another won't matter 'cause I'm never gonna win
Hoping now I'm on a road that I can change
Cause I'll change
If there was a time when I needed to pray
That the cold wind blows away
If there was a time when I needed a place
To wipe the guilt free from my face
If there was a time for mercy in my life
It's right now

If I were down on my knees
Would it all be in vain
But for now I'll believe
Until there's some better way
And my pages turn
Til I've got nothing to say
Now the days with no dawn
Are coming of age

Last time I checked I'm at 35 sins
Another won't matter 'cause I'm never gonna win
Holding onto a ghost that I can't save

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Blue  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Now that I've swam into waters I never wanted to
I'm in hook, line and sinker
I want another life that comes with a guarantee
And batteries so I have strength for you

Since you came undone
A despondent fool
Swimming with chains in the river
A drowning soul
The queen of lies turns blue

Now I've figured out your conscience has never been awakened
Asleep your days of a holy child
Alive are your venomous teeth biting in me
So I've paved the road to ruin

Since you came undone
A despondent fool
Swimming in chains in the river
A drowning whore
The queen of lies turns blue

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In My State Of Mind  (Live/Acoustic)

Lord give me the strength to fight the things I can change
And find me comfort in things that will be
Show me a road that I could take
That never leads

To an empty life along
Just take me to a place
Where I could lift myself on a pedestal
And don't let me fall

'Cause in my state of mind
In my state of mind
I'm worried what I might say or do
Steel bars they start to close around my feet
I'll never leave
I walked with a devil on my shoulder
It left me the scars that I will wear
Over me

And the withered hands of time
Still reaching out for me
Try to rip me off my pedestal
And force me to crawl

When all my dreams are strangled
I don't want to live
Now this noose around my neck
Has found a comfortable fit

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Rain  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

I feared the notion
I'd fall at your feet
And pour out my heart
And you'll leave forever
Severe emotions and dark memories
They all end the same
A nosedive endeavor

But angels did fly
And flooded boats sailed
To rescue my heart and pull out every nail
Things don't seem right
Since I've fallen

I'm falling like rain
For everything about you
I find myself chained
Thinking I'm coming loose
It's everything about you
A deep devotion has washed on our sands
Took hold of our hands
And guides us forever
Holy water that some of us brave
They're poetic slaves
Drowned by their conscience

Angels did fly
The loneliness fails
To capture my heart and push in every nail
Things turn out right since I've fallen

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Honestly  (Live)

I stand before you accused of many crimes
But I want to believe that love can still survive
You don't have to say it, I don't have to read your mind
To know that emptiness has finally arrived
How was I to know right from wrong
Words were hardly spoken, so where did I go wrong

Tell me honestly, if you're still loving me
Looking into my eyes honestly
Words have more meaning, if they're said at certain times
I need you now so I can feel alive
How would you know if you won't give me some time
To see if everything could work you'll be mine
I'll be lost forever or someday I may find
The words that I've been searching for or just some peace of mind


All the nights I sit and wonder there must be more life
I'm sure that days and years go by while
I am living with, living with a lonely feeling

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Sentimental BLVD.  (Live)

I was fooled by your devil's disguise
I've been rained on enough
Now the sun won't rise
It seems I've been wasting my time
Carrying the weight of the world
And there's no end in sight

Now there's nothing for you
And nothing for me
I'm like a worn-out soldier
Running around incomplete
What used to keep it together
Comes apart at the seams
Now I know
You can never run away too far
Cause people get lost
On Sentimental Blvd.
It's better not to wait too long
Cause feelings get lost
On Sentimental Blvd.
We get older
And wonder where the time has gone

Put your dreams and your faith on the line
They're just reflections of us
In the mirror of life
Then it feels like it's passing you by
When fear is stronger than love
It can break all the ties

If I could read your mind I'd know
(Why you keep praying resolution will come)
If you lay your heart on a million lines
You'll be wondering where the time has gone
It goes on and on

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Stranger Than Love  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Any night that you're lonely
Can be the night
Your conscience
Gets a little too much
You're torn by your freedom
You're safe in chains
Is you life made of diamonds or dust

Would you surrender it all
I gotta know

Do you want my touch
Would it hurt too much
There's nothing stranger than love
Do you want (Do you want my touch)
Do you feel (Would it hurt too much)
There's nothing stranger than love
Do you want my love
In times of confusion
We never know
If the emotions we feel are enough
And then out of nowhere we remember
That there's nothing stranger than love

Would you surrender it all
I gotta know

Between the two of us
You know it's more than enough

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Change Comes Around  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

This is my rollercoaster
I ride it everyday
It's a mirror of my emotions
I want to wish it all away

News flash of the century
Story of the day
If you wanna see mountains crumble
You can watch it any day

When I come down
It's hard to get it straight
I gotta find me a better way

Whenever the light is gone
You're not the only one
Breaking down
When all your faith is gone
Don't let it pull you under
Change comes around
Sail on to higher ground
Hiding from the thunder
I think we'd all agree
That facing fear don't help us
Escape reality

When I come down
It's hard to get it straight
I gotta live with what I say

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Lying  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

I'm the king of all pretenders
The end all be all of fakes
I prey on the mindless
And I like it

Your defenses all surrender
My senses all awake
I kill 'em with kindness
And they buy it

Now I'm not one to seek redemption
The truth will set you free
Is all a mild deception
And you better believe
That I'm lying
Lie to everyone everyday

The bitter pill of ages
You swallow everyday
If feels so timeless
Don't fight it

Now I give you inhibitions
Take your innocence away
Without even trying
'Cause I can

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What I Do  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

It's only life
I remind myself each day
If only I could remember what I'm doing
In a room
The walls are padded down with foam
Because it takes away the sound
And alters the voices that tell me to do

What I do
They're worried that I'll wanna kill
Without my pills
And they knew that I'd do
What I do

One more try
To step inside my brain
A constant fight
But I won't sleep till I can fool them
For hours they make me stare at blotches
I failed the grade
When I told them I was Jesus and I hear voices
That tell me to do what I do

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No Justice  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Freedom burns forever in the holy sun
It leads us into a battle that's never won

Whatever I take
Or whatever I give
Doesn't seem to matter anymore
When there's no

Justice in the world
No justice in the world
You feed the fire when you say it's all over
No justice in the world
When you realize that the devil's got your number

It's your decision
To walk the mile when the road is long
It's like religion wasting our lives on a
Worthless cause
Whatever I take
Or whatever I give
Doesn't seem to matter anymore
When there's no

When will freedom shine for us
No, it ain't over, no

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So Blind  (Live)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Headlines detach us from the world
Throwing all compassion overboard
Like big flies circling the corpse
It's getting more disgraceful than before

What will we ride
When this horse dies
Will eat the shit and jump in

With both feet in the fire
Rubbing ignorance into our eyes
We're blind, so blind
To all the world's injustice
We're so blind

In their sick minds
They justify it all
Emotionally straying from the course
For the big prize
A hundred million whores
Raping all humanity and more

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