Discography | Karma Cleansing

  1. Karma Cleansing
  2. Cages
  3. Hail, Hail
  4. Morning Grey
  5. Die Off Hard
  6. Rain
  7. I Won't Be There
  8. Victim Of Fate
  9. Believe
  10. Mirror, The
Canada only

Warner Music
CD 19146

Release Date: 1997

Total Running Time: 43:24

Comment: Canadian edition. It was released in Japan as Believe with different tracklist and cover artwork. See also Believe Special Edition.

Karma Cleansing | Album Credits

  • Produced and Mixed by Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance
  • Recorded by Harry Hess
  • Recorded and Mixed at Phase One Studios
  • Overdubs Recorded at Hope Sound
  • Mastered by: Brett Zilahi at Metalworks Mastering
  • Package Design by Pumpkinhead Graphics
  • Photography by William Hames

Karma Cleansing | Lyrics

(Hess / Lesperance)

When all love is gone and destiny's wronged
The premise of all our lives
You can't find your way
Out of this foreign abyss
To change the tides
Drowning in heartache
What feels like forever

When judgement will come
To temples I'll run for solace beyond our eyes
Now God thread the bait
Shackled and harnessed in faith
The stains have dried
Desperate and blindly
We trudge on forever
But I won't let you
You have to believe
The soul and the will live on
When all is gone
Your faith pulls you through
Don't wait for the moment
When time leaves no chances
Don't hold on to find out
Your tomorrows were sold out to
Save me from harm

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Die Off Hard
(Hess / Lesperance)

Remeber the lost summer nights
We never found a warmer breeze
If we're lost in time
I'm stayin' here and never gonna leave

I remember the look in your eyes
Is it something that I'll never see again
We're gonna make it right
'Cos I'm not searching till the bitter end

It's been a long time coming
I'm tired of failing you
It's been a long time coming
It's time to face the truth
They're old habits that
Die Off Hard
Invading our love
It keeps growing stronger
Die Off Hard
Now pain won't let go
It keeps growing stronger in us

Through the years I find
Nothing's straight it's just another haze
So unless we try to fight a dawning
Of a graceless age
We'll encompass a life destined to the cold beliefs we had
We're gonna make it right
I won't live a life I never wanted to lead

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Hail, Hail

Haunted by your slide
You thought you were on your climb
The open door shut tight
Braving our misfortunes day and night
Falling down from faulty spines
All dry rivers in my dying thirst for you
And you clearly can't decide dark from light

As we Hail, Hail to the new bastille
The albatross that needed to fly
As the future sails
To collision's trail
We'll find a voice that leads us to right
Hail, Hail

With all your sins on trial
Can't get it off of your mind
The choking sands of time
Out of sync with your like and mine
I was sentenced for the kill
I'm the eye inside the storm
After what I had to live
I've got nothing left to give
Or to keep me hanging on

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Morning Grey
(Hess / Lesperance)

Anyway that I could reach you
I'm justified to do
Anyway that I'll convince you
A cold desire looms

Take a bus, buy a ticket, find a mission
Try to leave the pain
Taking tracks from the needles
Never leads the way

Run, in emotional fields you lay
Run, devour and seize the day
Come down from your ivory hilltop
Enough of your morning grey

Bitter ways they follow beside you
And crawl inside your tomb
And when you think it's all behind you
The more it decides to bloom
Old desires, both feet in the fire
Do you feel the shame
Your mind is slightly polluted
'Cos you need a change

I don't wanna leave this sphere is home
I worship/believe in miracles
The dying hope there's love inside the rage

'Cos no one ever knows how long we have to stay
'Cos no one ever knows the calm of morning grey

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Victim Of Fate
(Hess / Lesperance)

Count the days of my ever after
And I cannot fill my hand
There's a space and a hole in my mirror
Where I used to stand

I'd drag the snakes that claim to love me
Down the sewers of my hell
With the face that the world pinned upon me
I'm just a prisoner of my head

I don't believe in calm surrenders
Cut at the knees I bleed a victim of fate
As I lay in the fault around me
Burn the bed of nails I had
And I pray that the road of plenty
Fills the manholes where I tread

I'll make the waves begin to tremble
Cut at the knees I bleed a

Victim of Fate
Forever is closing in, if I wait
The chance may never come again at all

To shelter me from myself
I feel the amphetamines
I feel them instead of me
I feel the amphetamines

They don't know
I don't believe in calm surrenders
Cut at the knees I bleed a victim of fate

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(Hess / Lesperance)

I feared the notion
I'd fall at your feet
And pour out my heart
And you'll leave forever
Severe emotions and dark memories
They all end the same
A nosedive endeavor

But angels did fly
And flooded boats sailed
To rescue my heart and pull out every nail
Things don't seem right
Since I've fallen

I'm falling like rain
For everything about you
I find myself chained
Thinking I'm coming loose
It's everything about you
A deep devotion has washed on our sands
Took hold of our hands
And guides us forever
Holy water that some of us brave
They're poetic slaves
Drowned by their conscience

Angels did fly
The loneliness fails
To capture my heart and push in every nail
Things turn out right since I've fallen

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I Won't Be There
(Hess / Lesperance)

Pounded by the righteous
In the palm of the decadent
Is something I don't wanna be
So embrace your detriment
Stop paying for the promises
I know you don't wanna keep

'Cos you know I loathe
The condescending runaround
Now I fold then you impose
Another card to win the crown

And I won't be there
'Cos I don't feel it
Feel it like before

Judge and jury feared by the powerless and innocent
The failed messiah wannabe
Now trapped by the conscience or coincidence
Either way I find it hard to believe

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Karma Cleansing
(Hess / Lesperance)

Come and be true
And purify all that is you
The soul can re-group
Ascending to higher love

Hailed by God
Failed by you
Nailed by everything you do
Saved by God
Failed by you
De-railed by catatonic blinded youth

All that we do
Is repeat like some prophetic fool
And walk in lead shoes
Complacent and morally screwed

We want change
And feel the karma cleansing
Feel so sane in the throes of madness

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(Hess / Lesperance)

Life impure has challenged your will from the start
Minds and human nature irreparably marred
Lies have fueled the fountain of leaking regard
Blind and cruel through the fear and the doubt
Faith is leading us out of our
Rebelling the human ruin
In stages
Indifference consuming you
For a violent new moon
Pride and truth can carry the flesh through the hard times
Can you a nation of cancerous clots
Bind into people emphatically charmed
Tried and true
Through the fear and the doubt
Faith is bringing us out of our
Rebelling the human ruin
In stages
Indifference consuming you
Some pages of life still eluding you
Indifference consuming you
For a violent new moon

Life impure has challenged your will from the start
Minds and human nature irreparably marred
The crowning jewel that jealously feeds from the heart
Writhe and brute
A dynasty falls so divided we crawl into our

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Mirror, The

Pride besieged
Has fallen on the day
Now God and me
Have come to pave the way to hell

I'm not in the mirror
Just a crack pipe and sinner
In holy ruin
Don't save me I just don't care
About 'no cold in Nevada'
And how the fault lines don't shatter over you
Don't tell me I just don't care
Vines and weeds
Are growing on the blade
It's not like me
To point and place the blame
But funny how the wings grow
That fly away religion
They breed the lost and plead insane
But wanna be loved
But instead

I hate to feel
When I hate the world
I really hate the real
I really hate the world
I really hate the real

When peace and love
Absolve the voice completely
Fear and lust
A darker war I'm deeper in

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