Discography | What I Do

  1. What I Do
  2. Climb The Gate (Acoustic Live '98)
  3. Without You (Acoustic Live '98)
Japan only

Warner Music Japan

Release Date: September 15, 1998

Total Running Time: 12:44

Comment: Contains two previously unreleased acoustic live tracks, but they were later released on B-Sides Collection. "What I Do" is also available on the Canadian version of Big Bang Theory and on the Japanese Best Of compilation.

What I Do | Album Credits

  • Tracks 2 and 3 Recorded at Warner Music Recording Studio 9th July, 1998
  • Tracks 2 and 3 Produced by Harry Hess, Pete Lesperance and Kuni Takeuchi (Warner Music Japan)

What I Do | Lyrics

What I Do
(Hess / Lesperance)

It's only life
I remind myself each day
If only I could remember what I'm doing
In a room
The walls are padded down with foam
Because it takes away the sound
And alters the voices that tell me to do

What I do
They're worried that I'll wanna kill
Without my pills
And they knew that I'd do
What I do

One more try
To step inside my brain
A constant fight
But I won't sleep till I can fool them
For hours they make me stare at blotches
I failed the grade
When I told them I was Jesus and I hear voices
That tell me to do what I do

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Climb The Gate  (Acoustic Live '98)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Born so we could lay
In a burning bed of rusted nails
Now it's my cause to stay awake

Will human kind prevail
Over prophecies of godless rages
For a world that's gone astray

Save preaching better times
They're bitter lies
Hey I could always climb the gate

It's heaven I hold this time

The comet's on the way
On holy ground we'll walk with angels
I just hope it's not today

I find it hard to pray
With one foot in my mouth
And one in the grave
Well so much for staying sane

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Without You  (Acoustic Live '98)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Climbed these walls
For hours that feel like days
From highs I fall
To watching the pain drying
The walls that I walked through
And the truth bent
To get to you
'Cause I need you
Where do I belong
Won't get through all my bleak moods
Without you
My resolve
Is a tower that fails to break
Life's a bomb
That can blow you eight ways from Sunday
Blue surrounds me
Blue all around me
Only you can change the tides
Hoping you can decide our fate

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