Discography | So Blind

  1. So Blind
  2. Wasted Time (Unreleased version)
  3. Without You (Unreleased version)
Japan only

Warner Music Japan

Release Date: July 5, 1998

Total Running Time: 11:59

Comment: CD single from the Big Bang Theory album. "Wasted Time" and "Without You" are listed as B-sides cause they weren't released on the Japanese edition of this album, but they were later released on B-Sides Collection.

So Blind | Album Credits

  • Produced by Harold Hess and Pete Lesperance

So Blind | Lyrics

So Blind
(Hess / Lesperance)

Headlines detach us from the world
Throwing all compassion overboard
Like big flies circling the corpse
It's getting more disgraceful than before

What will we ride
When this horse dies
Will eat the shit and jump in

With both feet in the fire
Rubbing ignorance into our eyes
We're blind, so blind
To all the world's injustice
We're so blind

In their sick minds
They justify it all
Emotionally straying from the course
For the big prize
A hundred million whores
Raping all humanity and more

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Wasted Time  (Unreleased version)
(Hess / Lesperance)

You hold tight onto the razor blade
It cut you down from grace
Now the model of disgrace

You've rolled dice
Consumed to hide your age
You're old meat at the plate
Now avoided like the plague

A swan dive into reality
A cold bite
You feel inside
The path you left behind

Never dies
In my heart it's all been wasted time
So I'll never mind
In my heart it's all been wasted time

You won't find a pool of sympathy
Jump in as you please
And be rid of your disease

Your whole life
Burning at the stake
And old pretending fake
I'm enjoying your mistake

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Without You  (Unreleased version)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Climbed these walls
For hours that feel like days
From highs I fall
To watching the pain drying
The walls that I walked through
And the truth bent
To get to you
'Cause I need you
Where do I belong
Won't get through all my bleak moods
Without you
My resolve
Is a tower that fails to break
Life's a bomb
That can blow you eight ways from Sunday
Blue surrounds me
Blue all around me
Only you can change the tides
Hoping you can decide our fate

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