Discography | Down In It

  1. Scars
  2. Automatic
  3. Down In It
  4. No Sign Of Life
  5. Boy Without A Clue
  6. Say You Will
  7. Skeleton Tree
  8. Upside Down
  9. Nameless
  10. Life Goes On
  11. Where You Want Me
  12. Trouble With Pets (Instrumental)
Japan only

Marquee Inc. / Avalon

Release Date: April 21, 2004

Total Running Time: 41:04

Comment: Album was released in Japan only and contains one instrumental bonus track. No release dates for the rest of the world yet.

Down In It | Album Credits

  • Produced, recorded & mixed by Pete Lesperance
  • Additional engineering by Harry Hess
  • Additional engineering by Mike Turner: Piano and his guitars
  • Mastered by John D.S. Adams at Stonehouse Sound
  • All songs: Pete Lesperance/Hope Songs (SOCAN) except: "Boy Without A Clue", "Upside Down" and "Skeleton Tree" by Lesperance/Dove Hope Songs (SOCAN)
  • "Scars" by Lesperance/Dalziel Hope Songs (SOCAN) Post Office (SOCAN)/SONY/ATV Music Publishing (SOCAN)
  • "No Sign Of Life" by Lesperance/Tulk Hope Songs (SOCAN)
  • Package design by Sean MacLean
  • Photography by Ian Brown
  • Creighton Doane: Drums
  • Jamie Edwards: Piano on "No Sign of life"
  • Mike Turner: Twinkly guitars on "Upside Down"
  • Harry Hess: Sang on "Down In It", "Life Goes On", "Scars", "Say You Will"
  • Rich McPherson: Sang on "Skeleton Tree", "Boy Without A Clue", "Upside Down", "Automatic"
  • Kevin Dove: Sang on "Upside Down", "Nameless", "Say You Will", "Down In It"
  • Brad Stella: Sang on "No Sign Of Life", "Upside Down"
  • Tara Lyn Hart: Sang on "No Sign Of Life"

Down In It | Lyrics

(Lesperance / Dalziel)

What is and what should be
That sings like a scene from a movie
But it's all going down
Waitin on a new day
Cause a promise may be
Coming around

I'm counting the hours till I see you again
And no one's gonna know where we've been

I'm falling from grace
Right into your arms
How did you know when to be there
With all our mistakes
We bury the scars
But we know where they are

What is and what should be
You said you were going to save me
And where are you now
So why would I make you stay
I wouldn't want it that way
But it's all going down

For every beginning
That comes to an end
Another one is starting again

You never asked me for a reason
Though I know you wondered why
You kept on believing
Believing you and I
Where meant to be together

And maybe you were right

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It's making me mad I think I should go
I'm making everyone uncomfortable
I heard what they said but how would they know
Cause lately I've been hangin'
Out in the sun with the living and breathing
Sometimes life is surreal

I know where my mind has gone
And so I'm livin' on automatic
At least I'm hangin' on
Just taking me the long way around

I think it's a sin there's nowhere to go
Then again anything is possible
You made it quite clear it's better I know
And if you need me I'll be
Out in the sun with the living and breathing
Sometimes life is surreal

Why does every day gotta feel like a monday
You keep pushing when you're getting nowhere
I'm still losing but at least I'm trying

I'm still trying

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Down In It

Till all is said and done you never know
I never thought that I would be
The first to go
But lonely words can't make me stay
And no the time won't change us
Cause we've already changed

And I'm so far down in it
That I can't see the light
And I'm finding it a little hard to breath
When these walls are closing in
And I don't think I'm here I want to be

Now I don't want you taking all the blame
You always thought That I would change
And I thought you would stay the same
We know it can't go on this way
I'll go tomorrow
And when tomorrow is today

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No Sign Of Life
(Lesperance / Tulk)

Ain't it funny how things turn out
You think you're over it and then
You're way back when
All that you could see was uncertainty
Like a lonely wind that blows
And then it goes

Now I find even time
Just seems to dissapear
When you're not here

There's no sign of life
There's no sign of life
There's no saving us from saying goodbye
Ans I thought that we would survive
But there's no sign of life

Ain't it funny how things are said
Like you'll never be alone
And your heart will have a home
Does everything we say
Just fade away
Are they ever really true
I thought I knew

And I can't leave
But I can breathe
No I can't make a sound
Now you're not around

There's no hope there's no way
There's no rescue coming today
There's no time for our dreams
There's no you and me
Not as far as I can see

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Boy Without A Clue
(Lesperance / Dove)

Here it comes again
Black coffee cigarettes and faith
And the paper came too late
Hung out and dried again
An unshaven boy who's out of place

It's always inside of your head
I'm watching the world around me change
Yes it's always inside of your head
When I'd rather stay the same

There's really nothing I would rather do
Then sit on the edge of the world
Just a boy without a clue
And lay my feet on the Earth
My hands upon the Moon
And I'll stay like this forever
If I choose

Calling god again
Message says he won't be home till late
It seems he always makes me wait
Curled up and numb to pain

I don't wanna go through that again

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Say You Will

The sun may come tomorrow
The sky may rain
But when we leave this sorrow
Our hope remains

And oh it don't matter
Cause I know I'll see you in the end

Say you will
Say you'll be waiting
When the world's at an end
I'll see you again
Say you will
Say you'll be waiting for me
Say you will wait for me

We pray like true believers
To save our souls
When no one's even listening
For all we know

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Skeleton Tree
(Lesperance / Dove)

Skeleton tree surrender your leaves
The summer has come and gone
It's so like the breeze just leading me here
To somehow linger on

And now I sit here praying for a helping hand
Like an alien just waiting for my ship to land

Sleeping at the end of a century
Cause new years day it's just another day
No doubt that it's the place to be
At least it's OK with me

Skeleton tree will you remember me
When all I am is fading
Like blue gone to gray I'm sorry to say
But color's overrated

And if I close my eyes I might jump disappear

Anywhere is fine just get me out of here

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Upside Down
(Lesperance / Dove)

Welcome to the fall
And if you're scared
You know it does not show at all
We both knew that one day it would come to this
And neighter one is giving in
At least we finally agree on something

Falling into a feeling
Well I must be seeing upside down
Sinking into the ceiling
So sick of beeing upside down

So you tell me
What's the deal
We're trying so hard to believe that this was real
And when our future lies in never looking back
It's a box of crackerjacks
And we can never get to the bottom this way

Wait another day
And find a way to break this crazy chain of killing time
And we are still the same and nothing ever changed
Reciting all these tricky lines

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Do you feel like live in a movie is it like what you saw on TV you go to all the right places with all
The right people and it's better than living with me
On your birthday they throw you a party and it feels like your own hall of fame nad your make-up's all right
So they love you tonight
But in the morning you still look the same to me

I remember walking away thinking oh no here we go again
Oh yeah I remember your face and I swear I still take it along but for now my dear
I think that you will remain nameless cause there's no point offending the innocent

I remember that day in the summer I think we met on the fourth of july and I still hear the rain as you got
On the plane I can still see the tears welling up in your eyes ain't it funny how things seem to change
Dear? I'm not the man that you thought I would be and so you wait up all night to continue a fight it's
Amazing I'm sane with the grief that you caused me
And I remember walking away thinking oh no here she goes again

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Life Goes On

Four in the morning
And I lay in my bed
Just thinking about things I'll never change
And some things that I wish I'd never said
But oh well I guess we all lay awake

Life goes on
And the time ticks away if we let it
Ignore the days and they just slip away
And then we regret it

Take the love that you find
Keep it near to your heart
Keep it real in your mind
Cause oh the time can fly
And it all starts to fade
With every day

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Where You Want Me

I'm acting like I don't care
I'm sick of getting nowhere
Wasting time
It's only my life
I try to run but you still find me
I try to hide but it's too late for me
Cause you know where I'll be

Right where you want me
Where you know that you want me to be
I'm right where you want me
And I don't know how I'm never gonna leave
You know I could never leave

You're telling lies I don't care
I'll tell you why you're running out of time
I'm changing my mind
And talking tough it comes so easy
But words can never break your hold on me
And now I'm on my knees
And maybe you'll save me
And maybe you won't
But I'm waiting on you and you alone
So don't let go

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Trouble With Pets  (Instrumental)


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