Discography | Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear

Discography / Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear
  1. Do Yourself A Favour
  2. My Name Is Yesterday
  3. Arms Of A Hero
  4. Mercy
  5. True To You
  6. Cried My Eyes Out
  7. You Don't Know Me
  8. Don't Pretend You're Happy
  9. Waste Away
  10. Tragic
© 1998 Creighton Doane
HCC 1347 CD

Release Date: 1998

Total Running Time: 48:34

Comment: Creighton's debut solo record. Independent release...

Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear | Album Credits

  • Drums, percussion, bass, guitars, vocals, harmonica, flute, keyboard, produced by Creighton Doane
  • Mixed by Harry Hess
  • Produced by Daniel LeBlanc and Creighton Doane

Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear | Lyrics

Do Yourself A Favour

We could be friends for a little while
but don't get too attached
you'll just get pulled apart
that's just the way it will be with me

It's in your face
your find so fascinating
you could site and talk and
drink with me all night long
colliding bodies
and your favourite song

Do yourself a favour
and just go home

my more than jaded judgement
I'd use you up faster
than forgetting your name
you're all the same
you want
the unreal thing baby yeah
Run, run away
don't look back don't give in
I won't make you stay
so please don't make me
spill and spin
you make me spin
spill and spin

Ray Coburn: Organ
Daniel LeBlanc: Loud claps
Melanie Doane: Backing vocals

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My Name Is Yesterday

Your tea gets cold
but there's nobody to drink it
I make the bed
but no bodies roll and wrinkle it
the conversation lacks a little flare
I'll just go on talking
as if you're still there

I know my name is yesterday and
though you may be done with me
I'm holding on to yesterday
because today has slipped away

You gave it back
now you wear it to remind me
but it doesn't work
it's the very tie that binds me
I pretend that you would be
my precious bride
but in my heart I know
you wouldn't even heave a sigh

I have a fear of being left behind
it seems to happen all the time
you told me you had to get away
so I guess my name is yesterday
looking at our history
I can see a place I'd rather be
but you can see things another way
so I guess my name is yesterday

I pass your street
I have to take a second look
I just strain my eyes
are you happy now
you're off the hook
my imagination hits me like a stone
I can see quite clearly
that you're not at home

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Arms Of A Hero

She was a beautiful girl
I was a super hero
I had the strength to save the world
she made the world stand still

She loved my flashy cape
I wore a costume head to toe
she was looking for escape

In the arms of a hero
safe from sorrow
protected by the man of steel
in the arms of a hero
in the arms of a hero
no past or tomorrow or
reminders of a painful world
in the arms of a hero

And so I rescued her
that seemed to rescue me
but soon I had no strength
for all this rescuing

She couldn't understand
the cause of my betrayal
she found another superman
I found another girl

Kevin Fox: Cello
Daniel LeBlanc: Piano
Melanie Doane: Backing vocals
Damhnait Doyle: Backing vocals

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I don't understand
is anybody there
this isn't black or white
is there even half a plan
I listen for a voice
someone to recognize
to take some comfort in
I hear only noise

Steal what is yours to take
fill up your pockets before it's too late
run stumble and fall
Cry mercy cry mercy
what difference will mercy make

I put my faith in god
but I still don't understand
I don't trust myself anymore
amd I just another fraud

I want to be enlightened
burn up with glory
beleive the unbeleivable
nothing to fear
'cause I'm already frightened
Truth has been untrue
love has been unloving
judgemental in its charity
I've become a thief

Kurt Scheffer: Electric guitar
Daniel LeBlanc: Flute thingy

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True To You

I want to be true to you
It's not so hard to do
I'm so in love completely
we fit together neatly
and I'll feel this way
a hundred years from now

I want to be true to you
true to you

I want to be strong for you
just like you always do
you stroke me and support me
you stand by me unconditionally
I could be for you
the way you are for me

What would I do
if not for you
every part of me
would surely come unglued
I wouldn't take another breath
I'd suffocate before
I'd live without you
without you

I want to be owned by you
not borrowed or loaned to you
clearly without a question
not a breakable connection
not a lonely day if I belong to you

I want to be true to you

Kevin Fox: Cello

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Cried My Eyes Out

Why in the first place
how could you
how dare you do this to me
I am so understanding
you have less, you need more
you needed me

Take on this torture
take it and take it
take on your torture
and make it mine

I creid my eyes out
tears fell like pouding steel
but the words came easy
as broken hears began to heal

Down with emotion
I struggle and struggle
just to ge heard
drowning in an ocean
of swallowed pride
and choking words

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You Don't Know Me

I am weak you are strong
I am here you are gone
I'm still here you're still gone

I think you forget
I think I think I think you forget
I am lost and upset

and as hard as it may be
you won't hang a name on me

You don't know me

You live I dwell
you know how to live
I know how to dwell
my life my life is hell

and I shouldn't even care
but that's an awful thing to bear

I break in two
I'm not like you
you're strong
I'm weak
you're strong
I'm weak

You wash I soak
I sink you float
you sleep I dream
I am dirt you are clean

and nothing's gonna change
nothing's ever gonna change

Kevin Fox: Cello
Daniel LeBlanc: Piano

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Don't Pretend You're Happy

What's that in your eye
something's got you down
swear it was a tear
from a crying clown

You can talk to me
I can sit and listen
offer sympathy
and not take a position

Cry if you want to
don't just smile for me
tell me how you're feeling
don't pretend you're happy

When you're by yourself
little things get heavy
you could use some help
with the load you carry

When it's all a little much
an you haven't got a crutch to lean on
you can turn to me and say
I've had a lousy day

John Tilden: Electric guitar
Ray Coburn: Organ and piano
Kurt Schefter: Electric guitar

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Waste Away

I'm not sorry
I'm not angry
I don't hate you
nor am I desperately unhappy

In tiny ways I'm feeling strong
I feel the earth beneath me
even when the universe is all wrong

I won't waste away
feed my sould, I'm hungry
I won't waste away
I'm going to live

I'll be rich
or I'll die poor
if there's a difference
I don't care anymore
Is everyone afraid to laugh
well I can't help myself
In spite of everything I do not have

The weight of all this waiting
the wasted and denied
I picture it quite differently
I'd like to think the dead are dying

Kevin Fox: Cello
Damhnait Doyle: Backing vocals

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There is no beauty like your beauty
there's no scent
like the smell of your clothes
there is no comparing
and there never will be
there is no loss like the loss I know

All we are is tragic
after year of love and scorn
after weathering the storm
all we are is tragic
as we go our seperate ways
and fight off these lonely days
all we are is tragic

There's no kiss like the first kiss
there's no kiss like the last
now only tears meet my lips
these are the thoughts
that won't pass

It makes me sick and sad
when I think of your sympathetic touch
when I fell good I get mad at myself
I know you want to see me
but the pain would prove too much
while there's no one to blame
we both feel the same
tragedy has struck

There's no beginning
like a new beginning
thre is no end in sight now
it's wonderful to feel
without feeling guilty
I wonder if I'll ever know how

Kurt Schefter: Electric guitar
Daniel LeBlanc: Stringy thing

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