Discography | Weight Of The World

  1. Weight Of The World
  2. Killing Me
  3. Outside Your Window
  4. All I Want Is Everything
  5. This Ain't Over
  6. Internude
  7. You Ruined Everything
  8. Charmed Life
  9. If You
  10. See Saw
  11. Voice Inside
Frontiers Records
FR CD 94

Release Date: 2002


Comment: Promo CD is packed in slim paper cover.

Weight Of The World | Lyrics

Weight Of The World
(Hess / Lesperance)

Embrace the love you find
Cuz today is only time
That slips through your hands
And forever leaves you behind

Yesterday life was alright
But now a memory
Cuz today I only find
Hell surrounding me

Caught on a thinner wire
Looking down in the fire
Hanging on another day
You fall to pieces
With heaven at your feet
You're gonna find another way
The only reason
Anything should be
Everything is on the line
And the Weight of the world's on you

Everyday I'm gonna try
Until I find the key
And my faith will never die
Remembering what's real

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Killing Me
(Hess / Lesperance)

Welcome to the real world
Nobody's gonna show you around
I put up my defenses
To only have you knock 'em down
So the only one I trusted
Chewed me up and spit me out

Was it the moon or the tides
Changing your ways
And now your mind

Say you don't
Then you do
Say you love me
Oh girl, you're killing me
Say you don't
Then you do
Say you love me
Although you're killing me
Life is pain and pleasure
Now I've had my share of everything
Gotta keep a better state of mind
And hope for what tomorrow brings
And so you think that you're an angel
Well then the devil must be growing wing

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Outside Your Window
(Hess / Lesperance)

Got your hands tied
Yet you're free
To take chances
And to dream
Never sold out
Never preached
Are you God's Child?
Are you greed?

Wherever you go time follows
Heartache still reigning over you
Life's a snake
All full of teeth
That has swallowed me
Yeah all of me
Ain't it funny how the
Highs and all the lows
Just outside your window
Ain't never gonna change
So you better fly
Or you'll fade away

Poisoned your mind
To believe
That you won't find
Inner peace
On the dark side
Under siege
There's no view unless
You lead

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All I Want Is Everything
(Hess / Lesperance)

Opened the door
To an ever changing time
Losing control
With no warning
No warning

So now you've come
To finally realize
This won't be done by morning
By morning

It's the end of the love
You're giving it up
The heartache won't let
You walk away
And the day's gonna come
You throw down your guns
You're saving it up
For another day
All I want is everything
I'll never get enough
What I want could never bring
All that I dream of
That day will come
When we are one

It's hard to ignore
What we've done to our lives
I'm keeping score
Now you own me
You own me

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This Ain't Over

You've been in love
For your whole life
You don't look back or pretend
Never think about the end
It's gonna be a long ride
Then you think of better days
And they're coming
Coming around your way

I'm holding on
To all I can
A falling star
Wondering where to land
I don't wanna leave it alone
I'll tell you this ain't over
And although I fear the unknown
I tell you this ain't over
It ain't over at all
Only one thing on my mind
Is to keep us from the edge
Maybe come down from the ledge
Let the sun
Shine as your guide
It will light you through the grays
And be sure you find your way

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You Ruined Everything
(Hess / Lesperance)

Everything is getting clearer
Than ever before
Paid for your fake tits
And your face lifts
Now you're giving me the door

As long as we're together
Well the least that you
Can do is pretend
You think that I would learn
Because you do it to me
Time and again
Now you
You ruined everything
When I thought we had it all
You ruined everything
Leaving me to take the fall

Your lack of vision
Is my prison
Now it's time to take the wheel
Maybe unlikely and untimely
That I'm losing my appeal

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Charmed Life
(Hess / Lesperance)

You are the one
That I crave
Since you're gone
I count the days

'Till I'm warmer from your kiss
Cuz I'm cold without your grace
I'm not falling on those blades
Like it's the first time

You came and wore me down
Leaving me in no doubt
Now we're up in the clouds
Living a charmed life

Since I've fallen
For your ways
I'm in
More than I can say

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If You
(Hess / Lesperance)

Don't hear a word you say
It's not because my hearing's gone
You're a fly that won't go away
I must be doing something wrong

I switched your pills
I cut your brakes
Loosened the wheels
On your roller blades
All and all it's a miracle
That you're here
If you never go away
How can I miss you

You burn everything you make
Don't think my stomach's
Strong enough
So I'm gonna give you away
Now get my favorite sweater off

I even tried to forge and fake
A first class prize
In the "gone" sweepstakes
That won you a ticket to
Nowheresville overseas

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See Saw


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Voice Inside
(Hess / Lesperance)

When the full moon's
On the horizon
Under dark cover of the night
Is when the voice inside

Well it feeds on your
Inner vices
When your God won't
Show you the light

And the voice inside
Haunts your mind
No running away
No hope yet you pray
To end your sorrow
You're lying there safe
Then voices awake
You're destined to overload

With your heart and mind
Still colliding
There's a torture
You keep inside

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