Discography | So Blind

Discography / So Blind
  1. So Blind
Japan only

Warner Music Japan

Release Date: 1998


Comment: One track promo CD for the "Big Bang Theory" album.

So Blind | Lyrics

So Blind
(Hess / Lesperance)

Headlines detach us from the world
Throwing all compassion overboard
Like big flies circling the corpse
It's getting more disgraceful than before

What will we ride
When this horse dies
Will eat the shit and jump in

With both feet in the fire
Rubbing ignorance into our eyes
We're blind, so blind
To all the world's injustice
We're so blind

In their sick minds
They justify it all
Emotionally straying from the course
For the big prize
A hundred million whores
Raping all humanity and more

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