Discography | Ballads

  1. Honestly
  2. Slowly Slipping Away
  3. Something To Say
  4. Stranger Than Love
  5. If There Was A Time
  6. Just Like I Planned
  7. Mandy
  8. Let It Go
  9. Necessary Evil
  10. Rain
  11. Hail, Hail
  12. Mirror, The
  13. In My State Of Mind
  14. Without You
  15. More Than You'll Ever Know
  16. Remember (Bonus track)
  17. Why (Bonus track)
Japan only

Warner Music Japan

Release Date: September 30, 1999

Total Running Time: 72:13

Comment: This Japan only compilation contains two never before released tracks: "Remember" and "Why".

Ballads | Album Credits

  • Remember and Why recorded by Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance
  • Digital Editing: Richard Chycki
  • Mastering: Harry Hess and Richard Chycki
  • Recorded at Vespa Studios
  • Package Design: Pumpkinhead Graphics
  • Photography: William Hames

Ballads | Lyrics


I stand before you accused of many crimes
But I want to believe that love can still survive
You don't have to say it, I don't have to read your mind
To know that emptiness has finally arrived
How was I to know right from wrong
Words were hardly spoken, so where did I go wrong

Tell me honestly, if you're still loving me
Looking into my eyes honestly
Words have more meaning, if they're said at certain times
I need you now so I can feel alive
How would you know if you won't give me some time
To see if everything could work you'll be mine
I'll be lost forever or someday I may find
The words that I've been searching for or just some peace of mind


All the nights I sit and wonder there must be more life
I'm sure that days and years go by while
I am living with, living with a lonely feeling

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Slowly Slipping Away
(Hess / Ribler)

There's a burning question in my heart
But I see the answer in your eyes
An uneasy feeling without you
There's only peace by your side

Our hearts survived the cold world outside
Somehow this love keeps us alive
I feel it in the morning
I feel it all through the day
I feel the heartache, slowly slipping away, slowly slipping away
We've had our share of confusion
We've been let down so many times before
But what I've found is a real love
No need to search anymore, no
Somehow we've weathered the storms in our lives
This love has never been a lie
We will survive the cold world outside
Somehow this love keeps us alive

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Something To Say
(Hess / Lesperance)

Yesterday I had it all worked out to a 'T'
But now something's wrong between you and me
I was wrong, so wrong
To think that I would stay
Seasons come and seasons go
And today is another day

I wanna say now's the time
To go our separate ways
I don't know I might be wrong
Could we find the strength to say
That our love, our love's seen some better days
And who's to say if I had the chance
That I'd make the choice to say
If you ever had something that you wanted to say
You better start talking before I go away
I wish that I could say I've been feeling okay
That I'll be bringing on the better days
But I wouldn't feel right
Knowing I was lying to you

Am I wasting all my time, will we try to make a mends
I try to read between the lines
But all I see is the end

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Stranger Than Love
(Hess / Lesperance)

Any night that you're lonely
Can be the night
Your conscience
Gets a little too much
You're torn by your freedom
You're safe in chains
Is you life made of diamonds or dust

Would you surrender it all
I gotta know

Do you want my touch
Would it hurt too much
There's nothing stranger than love
Do you want (Do you want my touch)
Do you feel (Would it hurt too much)
There's nothing stranger than love
Do you want my love
In times of confusion
We never know
If the emotions we feel are enough
And then out of nowhere we remember
That there's nothing stranger than love

Would you surrender it all
I gotta know

Between the two of us
You know it's more than enough

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If There Was A Time
(Hess / Lesperance)

I try to talk to the clouds
But they spill out the rain
Now I'm truly convinced
They've got nothing to say

Will I ever learn
Is there something wrong with my brain
Now the weeds are on fire
And they’re burning away

Last time I checked I'm at 34 sins
Another won't matter 'cause I'm never gonna win
Hoping now I'm on a road that I can change
Cause I'll change
If there was a time when I needed to pray
That the cold wind blows away
If there was a time when I needed a place
To wipe the guilt free from my face
If there was a time for mercy in my life
It's right now

If I were down on my knees
Would it all be in vain
But for now I'll believe
Until there's some better way
And my pages turn
Til I've got nothing to say
Now the days with no dawn
Are coming of age

Last time I checked I'm at 35 sins
Another won't matter 'cause I'm never gonna win
Holding onto a ghost that I can't save

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Just Like I Planned

Walking a dead street all my life
Watching the days slip into the night
And no matter how hard I try
The darkness seems to find me

But your sweet tender eyes
Have always been my guiding light
And you know the world's unkind
But something's resurrected me

And now I'm gonna wait
Til the moment's right
So right
I'm gonna take my time
And be sure I get it right
Too many people now
Can’t see wrong from right
I'm gonna take my time
Now I know and understand
That I don't want no part of a world
If I can't live it
Just like I planned

We don't want no part of foolish pride
Try and understand
Before time finds your hourglass
With no sand

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Let It Go
(Hess / Lesperance)

Temporary love can fill the hole
You can fool your body, but in your mind you really know
False comfort in denial, building fortresses too high
Passing trains that we both ride with nowhere to go
So the tortured lives will soon divide
The trapped fear will explode
If you keep it to yourself
You gotta let it go
Around the corner lies some begging eyes
Watching for your love
Don't hold on to your hell, you gotta let it go

Every second you abide the soul
Is a giant piece of mind that you'll never know
Still the water's on the rise sinking dreams before your eyes
And pretending you don't mind, it's a hard heavy load

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Necessary Evil
(Hess / Lesperance / Ward)

Another glass of rain in the hurricane of you
Another pretty little promise fallen through
From your pride and joy to your whipping boy again
I'm just another link who's hanging from your chain

I was hoping to tie you down
But forgive my confusion
You know what you're leading me to
Why do you want to see me crawl

Over these borderlines I can't read through the rhymes
You're pushing me over lines til my gun goes off
But it's a necessary evil

It's a twisted line that winds through right and wrong
You tear down my resistance and then you're gone
You got me on a string
I'll do anything you please
But you always seem to want me on my knees

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Hail, Hail

Haunted by your slide
You thought you were on your climb
The open door shut tight
Braving our misfortunes day and night
Falling down from faulty spines
All dry rivers in my dying thirst for you
And you clearly can't decide dark from light

As we Hail, Hail to the new bastille
The albatross that needed to fly
As the future sails
To collision's trail
We'll find a voice that leads us to right
Hail, Hail

With all your sins on trial
Can't get it off of your mind
The choking sands of time
Out of sync with your like and mine
I was sentenced for the kill
I'm the eye inside the storm
After what I had to live
I've got nothing left to give
Or to keep me hanging on

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(Hess / Lesperance)

I feared the notion
I'd fall at your feet
And pour out my heart
And you'll leave forever
Severe emotions and dark memories
They all end the same
A nosedive endeavor

But angels did fly
And flooded boats sailed
To rescue my heart and pull out every nail
Things don't seem right
Since I've fallen

I'm falling like rain
For everything about you
I find myself chained
Thinking I'm coming loose
It's everything about you
A deep devotion has washed on our sands
Took hold of our hands
And guides us forever
Holy water that some of us brave
They're poetic slaves
Drowned by their conscience

Angels did fly
The loneliness fails
To capture my heart and push in every nail
Things turn out right since I've fallen

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Mirror, The

Pride besieged
Has fallen on the day
Now God and me
Have come to pave the way to hell

I'm not in the mirror
Just a crack pipe and sinner
In holy ruin
Don't save me I just don't care
About 'no cold in Nevada'
And how the fault lines don't shatter over you
Don't tell me I just don't care
Vines and weeds
Are growing on the blade
It's not like me
To point and place the blame
But funny how the wings grow
That fly away religion
They breed the lost and plead insane
But wanna be loved
But instead

I hate to feel
When I hate the world
I really hate the real
I really hate the world
I really hate the real

When peace and love
Absolve the voice completely
Fear and lust
A darker war I'm deeper in

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Without You
(Hess / Lesperance)

Climbed these walls
For hours that feel like days
From highs I fall
To watching the pain drying
The walls that I walked through
And the truth bent
To get to you
'Cause I need you
Where do I belong
Won't get through all my bleak moods
Without you
My resolve
Is a tower that fails to break
Life's a bomb
That can blow you eight ways from Sunday
Blue surrounds me
Blue all around me
Only you can change the tides
Hoping you can decide our fate

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In My State Of Mind

Lord give me the strength to fight the things I can change
And find me comfort in things that will be
Show me a road that I could take
That never leads

To an empty life along
Just take me to a place
Where I could lift myself on a pedestal
And don't let me fall

'Cause in my state of mind
In my state of mind
I'm worried what I might say or do
Steel bars they start to close around my feet
I'll never leave
I walked with a devil on my shoulder
It left me the scars that I will wear
Over me

And the withered hands of time
Still reaching out for me
Try to rip me off my pedestal
And force me to crawl

When all my dreams are strangled
I don't want to live
Now this noose around my neck
Has found a comfortable fit

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More Than You'll Ever Know
(Hess / Lesperance)

You played what seemed to be
A pawn who played the queen
We chant and knelt in turn
Persuades us to believe
That the smoke that's in the breeze
Won't stale our breath and word

All in all, these little things
That used to bring me comfort
Now just feel so real and wrong
I'm blue

More than you'll ever know
More than you'll ever know
I've been reaching for the cold demise
More than you'll ever know
It's more, winning every prize
Radiate the need
From the cesspools made by greed
'Til the truth and flesh has heard
Now fate just seems to be
A wound that never bleeds
Now the world at rest is one

All in all, these little things
That used to bring me comfort
Now just feel so real and wrong
I'm blue

More than you'll ever know
More than you'll ever know
I've been reaching for the cold demise
More than you'll ever know
It's more, winning every prize

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Remember  (Bonus track)

One day the world stood still
When you had come for me
A light from the dark side burns
A true epiphany

guess I opened the gates
Enamored by my flood
Ya searching the fields for needles
Would be dangerous for both of us

I just want to hold you
But I'll wake up
Dying to feel what I could never have
I just want to hold you
But I'll wake up
Dying to feel what I remember

Gone all the flowers I picked
For you just wilt away
The clouds they hang above my head
And chase the sun away

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Why  (Bonus track)
(Hess / Lesperance)

Here in the unknown
I took the blind eternal leap
There's a face that I show
And the one that's in too deep

You know all the blame
Comes to lie with me
We're two lines
That never meet

I don't even know why
I feel I'm alone
When I'm with you
It's not as if I don't try
I feel like I'm alone
When I'm with you
Weak in the bones
Nothing left but dying dreams
And you're still here to hold
And for me it's bittersweet

You and I turn to grey
Fighting back the years
All the while
It's my own breath I steal

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