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Any feedback is appreciated. Send us an email with any comment, question, or if you just want to tell us "hi". In case of any questions, please check the FAQ section on this page first.

For info, news, if you have some questions, opinions, etc..., write to:
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Harem Scarem | FAQ

I'm looking for the Harem Scarem lyrics. Where could I get them?
Yeah, they're all here! In the discography area with infos for each album, or you can get them through our complete lyrics library.

Where can I get Harem Scarem CDs?
A lot of Harem Scarem CDs are only released in Japan, so the CDs need to be imported for those of usthat live outside of Japan. This used to be kind of tricky to do, but there a now a number of very reliable internet stores that specialize in selling CDs worldwide. Here's a list of some recommended stores in this forum topic.

Where can I get guitar TABs for the albums?
First off, we have a tabs section on this website! Check it out, it might help you a lot.
Several of the albums are available in TAB format in Japan. (Actually, the books include the full score, including keyboard, drum, bass and vocal lines) They are published by Shinko Music, but many people have reported problems when trying to deal directly with the company, which makes it difficult to locate the books outside of Japan. If you have a large sheet music dealer nearby, you might want to check with them to see if they can do a special order to get the books from Japan.